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... is a multi-user and multi-target SMTP proxy that acts as smarthost.

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Comfortable mail clients allow using more than one identity when sending an email. Often every identity comes with its own SMTP server and authentication data. You have to remember the password for every identity or store it inside your mail client. If you use more than one client (one on your desktop machine, one on your smartphone and one webmail solution), changing a password is a pain.

Tools like getmail or fetchmail allow collecting mails from different mail servers. You have to give them access to every account they should visit. Sendooway can use their password files to send your mails transparently. The only password you have to remember/store inside your mail client is your UNIX password. Sendooway automatically uses the correct smarthost, logs on with your account data and sends your mail. There won't be any bounce messages because your mail client directly communicates with the remote SMTP server. A mail is send as soon as the procedure is finished.

The main advantage: Account information is centrally stored without redundancy. Most of them are already existent because they are needed by getmail/fetchmail.


We invested a lot of time to find an alternative. Here are some examples: In the end Sendooway is the only mail transfer agent that


Sendooway is started as root by xinetd. After the user has authenticated with a local password (Kerberos support is a to-do) sendooway drops its privileges and waits for the user to specify a sender address. This address is looked up in getmail's and/or fetchmail's database. Now that we know the correct SMTP server we try to establish the remote connection, send authentication data and the requested sender address. If everything goes well we glue both connections together allowing the user to submit its mail. As soon as a reset command is issued Sendooway gets involved again. All other commands (even if they seem invalid) are relayed to the remote server.

Sendooway is started by xinetd and consists of an SMTP server and an SMTP client. There are plans to create a standalone executable where the entire server component runs without root privileges.

Download / Documentation

Sendooway is licensed under the terms of the General Public License 3 (or later), is in a pre-alpha state and should not be used by anyone except for developing. On the other side it is nearly impossible to find bugs without using it - What a dilemma! However we've been warned.


Please do not distribute binary releases as long as Sendooway is pre-alpha.

Documentation / Howtos

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A special thank goes to GNU Savannah for hosting our source repository and proving our mailing list. But most of all, I'd like to thank my dear girlfriend for designing the Sendooway logo.


Sendooway is written by Michael Kammer (2012-2014) and a KUSPBV project; however it is free software and everyone is invited to participate. Even asking stupid questions is a great way to improve our project! Feel free to subscribe to the sendooway-users mailing list or, if you prefer, contact me directly.

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